The Design and Manufacturing Services Facility (DMSF) focuses on multidisciplinary and application-oriented research programs that will create impact on the design and manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and the neighboring regions. The Facility has technical expertise to provide support of the engineering design and manufacturing needs of teaching and learning activities, academic research and industrial collaboration projects. It creates stimulus for collaboration and interaction between HKUST, local industries and international bodies.

The Facility maintains a range of state-of-the-art equipment to promote research in the area of engineering design, manufacturing and Nano-measurement. The Facility has a number of sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines for providing a platform for CAD/CAM integration. It has a strong capability in Computer-Aided-Engineering and Reverse Engineering with a range of analysis and simulation software. The Facility is also actively involved in the manufacturing of special mechanical and electronics equipment/systems for research and industrial application. The Facility supports the repair and maintenance of sophisticated scientific instruments, as well as calibration of measuring instruments.

DMSF offers services in the following areas:

n   CAD/CAM/CAE Services (CAD/CAM/CAE)

n   Electrical and Mechanical Fabrication Services (EMF)

n   Instrument Maintenance and Repair Services (IMR)

n   Development Studio Services (DS)


DMSF Annual Update 2017


For any inquiry, please send an email to :

Prof. Lilong  CAI , Director

Dr. Patrick T W  Lam , Project Manager